All our Camps consist of 8 to 12 Guest Tents, a Dinner Tent where all meals are served, a Lounge Tent, the Camp Fire, and a series of Staff,- Guides-, Kitchen- and Storage tents.

The Lounge Tent contains locally fabricated sofas and armchairs, a bar, and the charging station for cameras, phones, and other small items the Guest needs to charge for the next Game Drive.
Here the guests can relax while enjoying a complimentary cup of Coffee, Tea of Hot Chocolate.

Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner are usually served in the Dining Tent that is large enough to function at full capacity. A Wine selection is available here. Depending on weather conditions it can be either fully opened to bring the surrounding bush into the dining experience or it can be fully closed off in case of wind and rain. Mosquito nets all around prevent most insects to come to bothering our Guests during their meals. The Camp Fire or Bush TV is a few steps away in front of the main area usually underneath a beautiful Acacia.


The Guest Tents consist of a balcony area with Safari chairs and Coffee table underneath the tents overhang where you will also find your umbrellas and the mandatory fire extinguisher.

The rooms all being the same contain one Kingsize or 2-3 Twin Beds, bedside tables with lamps, a clothes hanger / luggage shelf, a lockable wooden storage box for cameras and valuables, a solar handheld light and a whistle that serves security and room service purposes. The beds are equipped with Mosquito Nets that are lowered at turndown by the housekeeping staff.

– The washrooms contains –

1. A vanity desk
with mirror and sink, face towels, shampoo, conditioner, natural hand soap, 4 towels, 2 bathrobes and 2 bottles of sealed mineral water for mouth hygiene as the water from the tap is not safe for consumption.

2. A flush toilet

3. A shower
with possibility to mix to the desired temperature. We provide 25L of hot and 25L of cold water permanently by the means of solar water heaters for the hot water supply. Levels are surveyed and kept at the optimum level of operation. Power for permanent lighting is provided by and individual solar panel and inverter/battery per unit, are totally independent from each other and from the other parts of the camp.


Apart from Safaris and Game Drives, several activities in and from our Camps are available, some need to be pre-booked like Walking Safaris, Hiking, Night Game Drives, Weddings, private Bush lunches and Bush dinners, or Balloon Safaris. Other complementary activities like an initiation into the Art of Bush Cuisine or an improvised football match with the staff are open to the guests and do not have to be booked. Please consult our Camp Pages above for specific activities available on site.


Walkways are light from each tent to the central camp area at night.
The fabric of the tents is heavy duty Rip-stop Canvas doubled by Mosquito net, topped with a UV reflecting sun-sheet.

Directly behind the Guest area is our Guest Kitchen and Storage, the domain of the Chefs, in close proximity in order to be able to provide optimum service to our Guests. They are in calling distance and can respond to any wishes on the spot.

Further in the back of the camp but still in calling distance is where the staff and guides are located. They have their own tents, facilities, stores for laundry and other, kitchens, water reserves and recreation area. This is also where the Safari cars are parked, serviced and cleaned for the next days Game Drive. All in all, this is where camp life really happens every day of the year.